Q: How does Fortnite Bingo work? A: You generate a card and collect everything on the card!

Q: I have an idea that could improve this site! Where can I submit my idea? A: Go to the contact page and use the message box!

How to use the Random Bingo Card Generator?

Step 1: Select/Deselect everything you would like to have on your card.
Step 2: Click on a 'Generate Card' button.
Step 3: Click on the 'Copy Code' button and copy the code that is in the pop-up.
Step 4: Share the code with your friends and have them paste it into the box.
Step 5: Click on the 'Load Code' button and you'll have the same card as your friends.
Step 6: Hop into a game of fortnite and click on the item on the card to keep track of your progress!

Vending Machine Locations

One of the best stratagies in Fortnite Bingo is checking Vending Machines. Finding a purple Vending Machine is easier than opening a lot of chests!
We've done some research and made a map with all the vending locations! Click on the image to view the bigger version of the map!